Marlin Williams


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DEI Coaching

The work of DEI while being rewarding can be a lonely space filled with uncertainty and mental burn out.  We create a safe and confidential space for our partners to explore, engage and grow.

Our approach takes into consideration the fact that DEI is not cookie cutter, therefore we provide a customized strategic plan tied to personal and organizational goals.

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Employee Resource Group (ERG) Support

Effective and connected Employee Resource Groups (ERG) can contribute to its members professional and personal development.  Organizations can also benefit from the activities of engaged ERG as it relates to team member engagement, recruitment, retention, and organizational bottom-line goals.

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Strategic Business Consulting

Understanding that DEI and coaching is not “one size fits all,” we are committed to providing customized consulting solutions. Utilizing our 25+ years of experience we know how to listen, observe, and engage. We do not walk in your space acting as if we know it all, we will partner with you and your team to gain clarity which will assist us with suggesting the best way forward to produce measurable results.

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Marlin is an accomplished dynamic award-winning speaker and media contributor.  Marlin draws from her extensive background and wealth of “real life experiences” to fully customize all engagements to meet the participants where they are.

With a proven track record in DEI, empowering women in technology, and inspiring women business owners to explore, start, and grow, and encouraging women to get out of their own way to live a life they never though were possible, Marlin fully engages and connects with attendees